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Charges and Valuation Fees

Fair and Transparent Fee Structure

Charges and fees levied by JEMS & VALUGEM are NOT based on a percentage of values expressed.

This totally transparent pricing structure means that you can be made aware of the likely total cost of the commission ‘up-front’ and thus not become the victim of a sudden surprise in this respect, which very often occurs when a percentage fee is charged.

Fees for Work Performed

An hourly rate is levied and is again based on whether one or two valuers are appropriate.

On-Site - Cataloguing, Testing, Appraising & Photographing Your Items

For high-net-worth property or for numerous and/or complex items, two valuers are required to attend. This policy ensures consistent accuracy, as valuers can swap roles, thus reducing eye strain and minimise potential errors. Additionally, when two appraisers are working in unison, the time taken is typically less than one person constantly picking up and putting down property items to record their specific details, etc. This process is proven to be both beneficial to the valuers whilst being prudently cost-effective for the client.

If we have not originally estimated how long we are likely to be on-site, once there, we can usually assess how long this is likely to take.

Off-Site - Research and Applying Values

Fees off-site regarding the research and/or calculation work are typically charged at a one valuer standard rate only and, as with on-site fees, these are charged in 20x minute increments. In most cases and if requested, we can also give an estimated projected timescale for the necessary valuation work itself which is performed off-site. You will always be advised prior to work commencing if this off-site work is likely to involve two valuers.

Because our fees are not relative to value, it matters not if we are appraising an item with a low value, or a high value.

Because our fees are not relative to value, it matters not if we are appraising an item with a low value, or a high value. Depending on its nature and exactly what is involved in determining its value, the cost, based on the time taken, can be the same for an item worth £1,000 as it is for one worth £10,000.

The professional appraisal and valuing of jewellery, gems, and diamonds, calls for a considerable amount of knowledge, training, and experience, gained over many years. The cost of this specialised training is expensive and is an ongoing factor, as is the capital investment necessary for the relevant state-of-the-art equipment, together with an all-important comprehensive reference library. Accordingly, providing such a professional service not only deserves a professional fee, it demands one. Even so, most appraiser's fees (including our own) are more akin to specialist labour charges levied by Main Agent Luxury Car Dealerships rather than to many of our peers in other professions.

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